Improving Your Relationship With Your ChildrenImproving Your Relationship With Your Children

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Improving Your Relationship With Your Children

One day, after putting off another cookie-making session with my little girl, I realized that our relationship had really suffered. She no longer expected me to follow through with my word, and I could tell that she wasn't interested in putting up with my near constant delays. That day, I decided that I wanted to turn things around. I started talking with a counselor that specialized in relationships and family, and she was a ton of help. She taught me to set aside time to spend with my family on a regular basis, and it really helped. This blog is for all of the parents out there that want to improve the relationships that they have with their children.

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Three Modern Wedding Attire Trends You Should Totally Try

If you're a future bride in the middle of planning a wedding, choosing a gown may be one of the more interesting aspects. Even if staying on trend is not something that concerns you, adding a few fashionable touches can make even a basic wedding dress seem out of this world. Here are three modern trends you should really try out when looking for a bridal outfit.

Suit Up

Forget long trains and trippy hems. Modern brides can walk with confidence in bridal suits with hems that don't get in the way. Bridal suits come in all colors and range from sleek, business-style suits to lacy trouser arrangements that look like gowns, except for the separate legs, of course. Other suits are culotte-style, meaning you have separate legs, but the material is so flowing that it looks like a skirt (this can be a good compromise if you want a suit but have rather insistent relatives who want a gown and who are paying for the wedding). You can wear a veil with these if you want, or you can complete the suit look by donning a silky fedora, worn at an angle.

Bonus -- many bridal suits often have more room to move than form-fitting gowns. That reduces the chances of having to make last-minute alterations if your weight changes a tiny bit, and it's a lot more comfortable when you tuck into the wedding meal.

Grow a Garden on Your Gown

Bridal gowns (and now suits) have long had floral designs embedded in the ensembles, from jacquard-type prints to lace patterns. Now, though, you can make those floral patterns stand out -- literally. 3D floral appliques that stand up from the surface of the dress run the gamut from small and elegant to fun and funky. You can add small flowers on top of the regular floral pattern in lace, or you can create a petal centerpiece to draw everyone's gaze.

Shine On

Jewelry and gems at a wedding are nothing new, but now you can have a wedding outfit that shines and glimmers. From silver and gold metallic highlights to gem-encrusted lace, many modern gowns are now adding these shimmery highlights that catch light as you walk down the aisle and twirl around during a dance.

If you'd like to look at more bridal outfit trends, contact bridal shops in your area and set up a time to do some intense browsing. You'll find several styles that could easily spark your interest.