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Improving Your Relationship With Your Children

One day, after putting off another cookie-making session with my little girl, I realized that our relationship had really suffered. She no longer expected me to follow through with my word, and I could tell that she wasn't interested in putting up with my near constant delays. That day, I decided that I wanted to turn things around. I started talking with a counselor that specialized in relationships and family, and she was a ton of help. She taught me to set aside time to spend with my family on a regular basis, and it really helped. This blog is for all of the parents out there that want to improve the relationships that they have with their children.

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Ten Things You Can Do To Help Your Loved One Adjust To Assisted Living

If you are faced with moving a loved one into an assisted living situation like Wedgewood Estates, make the transition as smoothly as possible. There are some simple things that you can do that may make a world of difference in how your loved one acclimates to their new home.

Ten things that you can do to help with your loved one's transition include the following:

  1. Have some faith. Have a little bit of faith in both your loved one and the staff at the assisted living facility; everyone will survive the transition just fine. Try not to micro-manage staff during your visit, and make sure to adhere to whatever rules the facility has in place.
  2. Don't feel bad about yourself. Guilt does no good, so instead of feeling badly about moving a loved one into assisted living, encourage their assimilation and engagement in their new digs.
  3. Visit briefly and regularly. Visit as often as you can, but don't hover. Your loved one will appreciate frequent, brief visits, but remember that many facilities have scheduled activities in place. Don't impede your loved one's participation with too frequent or extended visits, and tell them when you will visit next so that they can plan and prepare for it.
  4. Keep in touch. Cards and emails are a nice way to keep in touch with those that are in assisted living facilities. Send photos or clippings, too. Provide your loved one's mailing address so that family members, neighbors, and friends can reach out.
  5. Provide personal touches. Bring in personal items and mementos that your loved one enjoys. Ask them which items they want in their new space, and take care when transporting these things.
  6. Don't smother. Give your senior a chance to make acquaintances and find their place in the new living situation. If you are around too much, they might neglect to engage with other residents.
  7. Involve your senior. Don't talk to others or staff about your loved one in front of them. Engage them in discussions about care or treatment, and be respectful to all involved in the interaction.
  8. Treat the staff right. If you take time to treat staff well in the assisted living facility, it will reflect well on your loved one. Be kind and polite, and take a moment to consider and appreciate all that they do for those in their charge.
  9. Ask questions. When you talk with your loved one, ask them about their day. Ask questions to garner a sense of how they spend their time and who they have met. Take time to listen to what they say.
  10. Keep others informed. Don't let your loved one slip into assisted living and lose touch with friends and relatives outside the facility. Send emails, call, or notify neighbors, friends, and family members regarding your loved one's new address and contact information.

There are simple things that you can do to help your loved one transition to an assisted living situation. Use these tips to empower and facilitate your loved one in their attempt to adjust to their new surroundings.