Improving Your Relationship With Your ChildrenImproving Your Relationship With Your Children

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Improving Your Relationship With Your Children

One day, after putting off another cookie-making session with my little girl, I realized that our relationship had really suffered. She no longer expected me to follow through with my word, and I could tell that she wasn't interested in putting up with my near constant delays. That day, I decided that I wanted to turn things around. I started talking with a counselor that specialized in relationships and family, and she was a ton of help. She taught me to set aside time to spend with my family on a regular basis, and it really helped. This blog is for all of the parents out there that want to improve the relationships that they have with their children.

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A Simple Checklist To Make Planning An Unexpected Funeral Easier

When you lose a loved one in a sudden and unexpected way, it can be hard to focus your thoughts because you will be overcome with grief. There are many different things to remember when planning a funeral and having a checklist to follow can make the process a bit easier. Use the following checklist as a guide to help you get through the funeral planning process when an unexpected death occurs.

Choose What You Want Mourners to See

You need to choose if you want mourners coming to the wake and funeral to see your loved one or not. You may not want to have an open casket because it may be too difficult for some people to see. If you choose to have an open casket, you need to be sure to choose an outfit for your loved one to wear. Many people assume that you have to dress your loved one in dress clothes, but that is not the case at all. You can bury your loved one in a suit, a bowling shirt, or even pajamas if you so choose.

Choose What You Want Displayed

Choose any photographs of your loved one that you want to have displayed at the wake and funeral. You also may want to choose if you want any items that were of importance to the person, such as medals they earned, plaques they received, or trophies they won, displayed.

Choose Who You Want to Speak

You will need to choose if you want to have a religious figure give the eulogy for your loved one, or if you want a family member or friend to do it. You also, need to decide if you want to give everyone the opportunity to say something about your loved one at the funeral, or if you would rather have everyone write their memories in a book for you to cherish and read later on down the road.

Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help

You will need some help during the funeral and choosing the right people is important. You will need to choose pallbearers to carry the coffin from the funeral to the hearse. You may also want to ask friends and family to help you with food preparation for the wake, picking up things, such as flowers for the funeral, and help with clean up after the wake and funeral is over. Most people will have no problem helping you if you simply ask them to help.

Planning a funeral when you are in mourning can be difficult, but it is something that must be done. With the help of friends and family, the planning process can be much easier and give you the time you need to be able to mourn your loss properly. Contact a local funeral home, like Farone & Son Inc, for more help.